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Church History

Services begin in late 2009 on Chriswell Road on the outskirts of Monroe Georgia with only three people attending.  Pastor Clark was reassured that Monroe was the place that he was called to by an open door which allowed Rivers of Mercy to hold chapel services at the county's biweekly little league game.  These services took place in lue of the ROM normal Sunday Morning service.
After only a few months at Chriswell, pastor Clark took an adverse event (raw chickens spread all over the parking lot) as a sign. That maybe God was trying to move them to another area in the city.  After looking at several locations pastor Clark resolved in his mind that the church and it's 3 members would not be able to afford a move to a new location.
During the relocation pastor Clark meet Donna & Randy Peppers.  The Peppers would prove to have a  solidifying affect on Pastor Clark and the ROM church.  Randy and Donna made an agreement to pray for River of Mercy and the Clark family.

Shortly after meeting the Peppers Pastor Clark was take to a the Davis street location which we currently occupy, by Chad Draper.  Chad explain that it was possible that some deal could be worked out with the priced for rental.  Chad also stated that it would be an impossibility to ever own the building.  Pastor Clark noted that the build was in such a dilapidated state that whatever money that would be saved would be depleted by the improvements required to make the build useable.
 Initially because of the appearance of the building pastor, Clark declined the offer.  With no money and two broke students and a straggler attending church, possessing the building on any level seemed impossible.  Prayer was the only recourse so Pastor Clark called Randy and Donna to pray about the building.  After a week or so in prayer, it became clear how the building could be possessed and repaired.  The plan was presented to the Drapers and they eagerly accepted.

Service begin at our current location January 2010  Upon acquiring the building (which we viewed as an act of God) we felt it import to start holding services as soon as possible. The first service was held outside on the parking because the restrooms were and the lights were not working.. Marvin Little (Who has now gone to be with The Lord) was a neighbor who committed himself to helping the church with any repairs it needed.  With the help of Mr. Little, the building begin to come together and gradually became useable one room at a time.  

As the building begin to take shape ministry begin to happen and lives begin to be changed.  It was apparent that God was confirming his word with signs following.  Along with the early affirmation from God, many churches and organization joined in the vision to Inspire Hope Encourage Change and Restore Destinies.
The family of Rivers of Mercy recognized early that the community could not be changed by the work of just one organization.  Rivers of Mercy has been ongoing catalyst to build bridges and to unite churches and organization towards community change.
The many events, project, and community ministries would not be possible without the help of the ROM family, community churches, and ministry partners.




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